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Strasbourg institution and modern hotel reference

Illustrious past
Hotel Marriott Strasbourg, Alsace

Several centuries of history await
in this Strasbourg institution

Immerse yourself in the unique world of the Maison Rouge hotel, an experience combining traditional charm and modern comfort in Strasbourg.

historic photo of the Maison Rouge hotel in Strasbourg

An emblematic house rich in history

Originally, the hotel was an inn with a prestigious reputation, amplified over the decades by visits from renowned figures such as Johannes Gutenberg and Victor Hugo; Charles de Gaulle and Winston Churchill are also said to have stayed here.

The hotel has hosted many major events, including perhaps Alsace’s very first cinema screening in one of the first-floor salons in 1897. The following year, in 1898, a fire damaged the hotel, whose facade was rebuilt in an imperial style. The inn was renamed “L’Hôtel de la Maison Rouge”.

“ To love is nothing, to be loved is everything.
I love Strasbourg and the Maison Rouge. ”MISTINGUETT   —   VISITORS' BOOK JUNE, 8th, 1931
historic photo of the Maison Rouge hotel in Strasbourg

At the beginning of the last century, the establishment entered the closed circle of Palaces and welcomed great artists such as Rudyard Kipling in 1921, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, and Mistinguett, the famous dancer, actress and spy whose name the hotel’s salons bear. Political figures also left their mark here, including General Jean de Lattre de Tassigny in 1941, a great hero of the Second World War.

In 1970, another fire destroyed part of the building, and the hotel ceased business on November 29 of that year.

The Palace annex, built in 1927 and now home to the Hotel Maison Rouge, was bought in 2017 by a group of people who loved Strasbourg and the hotel’s history. The new owners embarked on a major renovation project to preserve the soul of this legendary Art Deco-style hotel, which is now affiliated to the Marriott group and the Autograph Collection brand.

hotel historique à Strasbourg Centre
hotel au coeur de Strasbourg
hotel historique dans le centre de Strasbourg
hotel Strasbourg Autograph Collection Marriott

Marriott Autograph Collection

Soul & Style

« Exactly like nothing else », the motto of the Autograph Collection brand proposed by Marriott International, to which Maison Rouge Strasbourg Hotel & Spa is affiliated.

The hotel aims to offer its guests a unique and unforgettable stay in Strasbourg: a rich experience built around the soul and heritage of the place, through gastronomy and well-being through Vinotherapy.

The stained-glass windows and cabinets of curiosity are brimming with details and references to Maison Rouge’s past and the wealth of Alsatian craftsmanship and decorative skills.

The mythical establishment, which traces its roots back to 1387, now offers a warm, authentic and welcoming atmosphere. The “Clefs d’Or” concierge service is on hand to help guests discover Strasbourg and the region of Alsace. Maison Rouge offers the elegance of a timeless setting, blending tradition, style and luxury to leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg