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Maison Rouge hotel is eco-committed

Sustainable tourism
Hotel Marriott Strasbourg, Alsace

Commitment to sustainable tourism

The hotel’s teams strive to create an experience that combines comfort with environmental responsibility. From reducing the hotel’s carbon footprint to promoting the use of local and sustainable products, every initiative undertaken is lead by the desire to meet our commitments to a greener and fairer future.

A green-label setting

In the firm belief that every traveller has the power to make a positive difference in the world, maison rouge’s approach lies in inviting the hotel’s guests to shape a more sustainable future through their actions and consumption.

Distinguished by the ‘green key’ label, the hotel maison rouge offers guests an environmentally-friendly stay. With a commitment to sustainability, the establishment invites you to enjoy a hotel experience under the influence of responsibility and refinement.

The maison rouge hotel: environmentally responsible commitments

In order to reduce its impact on the environment, maison rouge hotel & spa has redesigned its environmental charter, highlighting its commitments to preserving our planet:

Waste, energy and water management

  • Selective sorting and recycling of bio-waste
    A sorting system has been introduced, and bio-waste is collected and recycled in collaboration with the “sikle company” for the collection and recycling of bio-waste.
  • The products used to clean the rooms are environmentally friendly or eco-labelled.
  • Reduction of plastic packaging
    Providing a water fountain and water bottles for hotel staff.
    Individual packaging for hospitality products has been eliminated.
  • Limiting temperatures
    To minimise the hotel’s energy footprint, heating and air-conditioning temperatures have been limited.
  • Double and triple glazing in all rooms
    All rooms and suites have been fitted with double glazing for better thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Use of light detectors and timers
    Installation of detectors and timers to optimise electricity consumption within the establishment.
    Over 80% of the lighting is fitted with low-energy bulbs.
  • Water-saving devices have been installed on taps and showers to conserve this precious resource.

Preserving flora and fauna

To support the preservation of flora and fauna, maison rouge hotel takes part in local initiatives and works to raise guests’ awareness of this cause.

Find out more about the town’s sustainable tourism ( and nature conservation ( initiatives.

Charities and environmental protection

  • Collecting clothes and food for charities.
  • Participative projects: involvement of the hotel teams in participative projects in collaboration with the city of Strasbourg, such as waste collection in the Illkirch nature reserve.
  • Partnerships with associations: collaboration with charities such as “s.p.a” and “libre objet” to support environmental and social causes, and a partnership with unicef where hotel guests can donate 1 euro to the association.

Ecological services for guests

In order to promote more sustainable modes of transport, maison rouge hotel & spa offers its guests the following ecological services :

  • Cargo bike: take advantage of the cargo bike luggage delivery service from the station or any other meeting point, thus avoiding the use of taxis. This service is available on request.
  • Electric charging points: charging points for electric cars are available in our car park. This service is also available on request.
  • Bicycle hire: a concierge service is available to provide guests with information on bicycle hire so that they can discover strasbourg and the surrounding area in an environmentally-friendly way.

Raising awareness among employees and customers

In its quest to improve its commitment to sustainable development, hotel maison rouge actively raises awareness of environmental issues among its staff and guests.

  • Staff training and awareness-raising: organisation of training sessions to raise staff awareness of eco-responsible practices.
  • informing guests: displaying information on the environmental practices undertaken by the hotel in order to encourage them to adopt responsible behaviour during their stay too.

Local and responsible purchasing

  • Local cuisine: the menu features vegetarian dishes made with local, seasonal produce.
  • Short distribution channels: we have chosen to work with local producers.
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